Jets president Neil Glat steps down.

Jets president Neil Glat has stepped down today and will be taking on more of a “senior advisor” role. Glat has been with the Jets for more than seven years as the teams president, contributing more on the business end of things rather than actual football decisions. Each teams president carries a different role with different tasks, some teams their president essentially acts as their GM, making most if not all the football decisions that need to be made. As for others, like the Jets and Glat, a team president can be more involved with the behind the scenes business aspect of the organization.

Glat stepping down opens the door for the Jets to bring in more of a football mind to take over as president. Could it be Joe Douglas who becomes the team president and essentially controls the entire organizations football operation? Or does Joe Douglas have somebody in mind who can come into this role who he also works well with? This is something to keep an eye on over the next few days as the Jets continue to overhaul the state of the franchise. 2019 will now feature a new head coach and coaching staff, a new GM and now a new president. Personally, I would love for Douglas to be named the president or bring in someone per his recommendation who he can work alongside moving forward. We will have to wait and see what direction the Jets decide to go in for this new hire.

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