Jets fall to the Bills 17-16.

After leading for pretty much all of this game the Jets blew a 16-0 lead to ultimately lose 17-16 to the Buffalo Bills.

1. The offense needs to be better in every facet. Adam Gase, Sam Darnold and the offensive line need to improve in order to win next weeks matchup home against the Browns.

2. The defense played lights out early in this game, creating 4 turnovers and scoring 8 points. But when one players goes down, CJ Mosley, it should not be such a detriment to the unit that you ultimately lose the game. CJ said he expects to play next week, which should be a confidence booster for all fans.

3. Can we please for the love of god get a kicked in here who can make field goals!? I don’t understand how these guys can’t kick the ball through the upright, I mean that’s your job right? Apparently the Jets will be holding kicking tryouts on Tuesday this week with intentions of bringing in a new body.

Picture courtesy of the New York Jets

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