Adam Gase to return in 2020.

Jets head coach, Adam Gase, will be returning to the team in 2020 according to Jets owner Christopher Johnson – who spoke with media members today at practice.

I am not the least bit surprised by this result as I’ve constantly been preaching that the team will bring back their coach. That doesn’t necessarily mean I believe in the decision, but at this point there’s nothing to do about it (was there ever something to do about it…).

As long as Adam Gase and general manager Hoe Douglas have a strong relationship and agree on a direction to build this team, I will remain confident. I’m a big believer in Joe Douglas as he was highly touted when the Jets made the hire and would have been highly sought after if he was a GM candidate this upcoming offseason.

If Adam Gase can receive and improved roster thanks to Douglas and improve on some areas himself I will do nothing more than give both of these guys their fair chance. This will be a big offseason for both guys as the Jets will need to make some big time tweaks to help solidify this roster.

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