Final Mock/Thoughts for the Jets 2020 Draft.

Above is my final mock draft for the Jets as we are finally only a few hour away from Joe Douglas’s first draft with the Jets as GM. As I was doing this mock I continued to see multiple guys I could go with at each pick, thus proving the Jets have many holes so if I decide to go with one position – another sacrifices.

I have three scenarios I am rooting for to happen during draft weekend, I break them down below:

Scenario One:

The Jets stay at pick 11 and select one of the four remaining offensive tackles that is still on the board, no matter what receivers are also available. From the moment the 2019 season concluded I have been adamant about the Jets addressing offensive line via free agency and adding a first round prospect to the group. I know, I know a lot of you would rather have the #1 or #2 ranked wide receiver instead of the #4 tackle but this is an opinion that wont change until I see what player is actually selected. Listen, am I going to be on Twitter or make a podcast bitching and complaining that Sam Darnold will have CeeDee Lamb, Henry Ruggs or Jerry Jeudy to throw the ball to for the foreseeable future? Absolutely not. The Jets need to add first round talent to this offensive line then head into round two and three with their eyes set on multiple receivers they can bring in with those picks.

Scenario Two:

In scenario two I believe it or not dont have the Jets taking an offensive tackle with their #11 selection, for me it’s one of the top receivers coming off the board to us – preferably Lamb or Ruggs. In this scenario the Jets take one of the top wide outs while completing a deal with the Redskins for veteran offensive tackle, Trent Williams. Yes, I prefer Lamb and Ruggs to Jeudy and yes, I would trade our round two selection for Trent Williams – if we can get him for our first round three selection and another combination of picks, great. In this scenario the Jets kill two bird with one stone while not relying on two rookies to plug immediate needs for the team, you’ll have the rookie receiver who will need the season to acclimate to NFL life while solidifying the offensive line with an All Pro veteran who can hold down the left tackle position for the next few years (barring injury). If I’m being honest with you, this is probably the scenario I’m rooting the most for to happen. **Disclaimer** (This was written before the Trent news started to heat up, multiple media members have shot down the idea of the Jets being involved. Oh well, I’m still rooting for it.)

Scenario Three:

Finally scenario three and probably the simplest outside of staying at pick #11 – we trade down with a team like Atlanta, Denver or Philadelphia. All teams that aren’t going to move up for offensive line help but want to secure landing one of the top receivers. Making a move like this will allow Douglas to obtain more picks in the middle rounds while moving back in the first and still selecting a player that’ll contribute for the 2020 Jets. I don’t mind making a move like this at all as I trust Douglas to find great value with those middle of the round selections, it’s simple the Jets need more players to build out this roster. The more picks the Jets have the more players they can bring in from such a deep draft class thus giving the Jets more of an opportunity to hit on legit talent that can be core players for years to come. If the Jets really don’t value selecting any of the top three receivers with their #11 pick and their top rated tackles are off the board, I fully anticipate a move like this happening.

For the first time since the 2016 draft the Jets are finally not picking in the top 10 or top 3 and it feels nice to say. But because of this we really don’t have much of an understanding of what direction they are going to go or who will definitely be there by the time they are on the clock. As a fan this is exciting because it’ll make the entire experience more nerve racking as we anticipate what will happen ahead of them. But this also leaves open the opportunity the board does not fall in the Jets favor at all leading to them making a move we did not anticipate leading up to draft night. All in all though, this is going to be fun and trust that we finally have a GM who has a clue and can build this Jets team the way it needs to be built to get us back to consistently winning.

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