Jets sign veteran QB, Joe Flacco, to a one year deal.

Jets sign Joe Flacco to a one year deal.

The Jets today solidified their backup quarterback position by signing former Super Bowl champ, Joe Flacco.

This was a move I anticipated the Jets making, not bringing in Flacco per say, but bringing in a veteran quarterback to backup Sam Darnold. Quite honestly if Sam continues to miss two to three games a year this move is very important.

All in all, great move and no more talk and panic about David Fales being the back up.

Jets 2020 Schedule Released.

The Jets having to play both the AFC and NFC West divisions this year is definitely tough. Both are two of the better divisions in football.

But the balance of this schedule is much better in my opinion than it was last year, there’s no three straight winnable games at home followed by four of our tougher opponents with three of those matchups on the road.

Playing legitimate talent all year will require the Jets and their coaching staff to rise to the occasion and win some big football games. Obviously some of these teams will not be as good as we think they might be as we sit here in May. But it is time for the Jets to be competitive and win some games that are going to be tough or we might not have thought they would win off the bat.