Jamal Adams heads back to the Pro Bowl for the second consecutive year.

Jamal Adams is heading to the 2020 Pro Bowl down in Orlando for his second consecutive Pro Bowl appearance. Before Jamal went down with a foot injury these past couple of weeks he was on an absolute tear.

The mid season trade rumbling drama was unfortunate and tugged on everyone’s hear strings because this entire fan base adores this player, myself included.

Jamal needs to be a player this team is built around, Joe Douglas needs to extend him this offseason and not look back. Having a dynamic player on your football team, no matter what side of the ball, is hard to come by.

Make Jamal a Jet for life and move along.

Jets fall to the Ravens 42-21 on TNF. Thoughts & Reaction

The Jets went down to Baltimore on Wednesday afternoon as clear under dogs, not only because of the incredible amount of injuries they have but the vast difference between theirs and the Ravens roster. If the Jets were at full tilt this game would have been a tough match up for them to win, closer? Yeah, maybe – but this Ravens team is operating at a level I certainly have never seen before.

My Reaction

I had a feeling this Thursday night match up was going to go along this line, I did however think the score and our overall performance would be considerably worse. The first half of the game it seemed to take the defense some time to get settled in, the hype around Lamar Jackson and this offense was real – giving up 21 points before halftime. But their defensive stands at the end of the first half left me with some confidence for that side of the ball heading into the half. In the second half the Jets D came out with the same energy they end the first half with, forcing the Ravens three and out on multiple occasions. But since the Jets offense was sputtering at this point the D was forced back onto the field one too many times as the Ravens began to hit their second half stride putting up 14 points in the third quarter and 7 in the fourth. Considering the injuries and lack of depth/talent the Jets defense played a hard game from start to finish, even though this was their worst outing of the season. A player that continues to stand out to me is linebacker James Burgess, he had an awesome fill and finish on a third and short while again getting his hands on an almost interception on another third down which forced the Ravens to punt. I would love to see Burgess back next year to back up Avery and CJ while also contributing on special teams.

As for the offense they played considerably better than I thought they would, typically in games against teams like this on the road things begin to implode rather quickly. They moved the ball well throughout the entire first half other than a punt of two (I don’t remember how many exactly.) Sam Darnold started off looking real solid, poised and extending/making plays for this offense – literally doing the best he could to put each ball in a perfect position for his receivers. The offense did miss some opportunities, they missed a FG on their first or second drive, Robby Anderson could not come down with a contested ball on a 4th down and Jeff Smith Jr (fresh off the PS) stopped running on an out and up route that could have been a huge gain to put the Jets in prime position to score again. And finally on the same drive as the Jeff Smith hiccup, Sam Darnold makes an errant throw leading to an interception before the half – that was a big blow. At that point in the game considering how both sides of the ball seemed to settle in at that point you need to come away with points before the half whether the score is 21-14 or 21-10, either way he needs to be smarter with the ball there. In the second half the Jets sputtered for most of the third quarter before they found themselves again heading into the fourth, the consistent pressure on Sam was forcing rushed throws which lead to incompletions which ultimately resulted in too many quick three and out drives. It has been a frustrating season for me, I cant even imagine how frustrated Sam is working behind an offensive line that allows pressure on simple stunts within two seconds of the ball being snapped. Sam finished the day 18-32 for 218 yards with 2 TD’s and 1 INT – he also had a fumble after the Jets decided to leave Trevon Wesco on a defensive end in a 3rd and long situation (yeah that never works…). Moving forward I would love to see Sam finish this year strong against two stronger defenses in Pittsburgh and Buffalo, hopefully leading to some confidence to carry into the offseason.

The special teams was fantastic at every level other than Sam Ficken, who I simply can not watch any longer – he is so inconsistent it’s alarming. Ty Montgomery and Vyncent Smith consistently brought the ball out to the 25 yard line or more – time and time again, the Jets had relatively good field position for most of this game. Braxton Berrios also did an awesome job in the punt return game with one or two returns standing out because of a decent gain/switch in field position, much of the fan base was upset that Douglas moved on from training camp favorite, Greg Dortch, but Berrios has done a fantastic job and will most likely be our punt returner moving forward into 2020. Finally, the Jets punt return group blocked a punt for a touchdown early in the fourth quarter thanks to Terrell Basham and BJ Bello (who has been an ST contributor since joining the Jets like a month ago) for their first of two scores in the fourth. I have to say special teams coach Brant Boyer has continued to do an outstanding job with this unit after really impressing last year.

The banged up and depleted Jets have two more games before they close the book on this disappointing and very interesting 2019 season. I know most wont because this fan base is ridiculous but I will be rooting for this team to finish strong against the Steelers and Bills, carrying some momentum into the offseason and the 2020 season.

Jets thump the Raiders 34-3. 🔥💪🏻

The Jets came out this Sunday on fire against the Oakland Raiders, a Raiders team who has playoff aspirations as we come down to the final stretch of this season.

After watching this 34-3 smackdown you have to give credit to this Jets coaching staff, starting with Adam Gase. The team as a hole looked motivated and well prepared, executing at a high level in every phase of the game.

The Jets next two games will be at Cincinnati then home verse Miami, hopefully they can continue to stack some wins.

Another stellar performance for Jamal Adams in DC. 💪🏻

Jamal Adams turned in another stellar performance this past Sunday against the Redskins. In back to back weeks Adams has risen to the occasion, further showcasing why he’s one of if not the best safety in the league.

Jamal and management had their differences a few weeks ago when he was involved in trade rumors. I personally didn’t enjoy how he handled the situation but I’m not going to write him off for it forever, he’s an absolute stud and game changer.

The Jets can officially extend Jamal In December and they would be smart to do so, a player like Jamal is a player you build around. If he and Jets management are truly on good terms and have buried the hatchet I hope and anticipate an extension in the future.

Adam Gase to return in 2020.

Jets head coach, Adam Gase, will be returning to the team in 2020 according to Jets owner Christopher Johnson – who spoke with media members today at practice.

I am not the least bit surprised by this result as I’ve constantly been preaching that the team will bring back their coach. That doesn’t necessarily mean I believe in the decision, but at this point there’s nothing to do about it (was there ever something to do about it…).

As long as Adam Gase and general manager Hoe Douglas have a strong relationship and agree on a direction to build this team, I will remain confident. I’m a big believer in Joe Douglas as he was highly touted when the Jets made the hire and would have been highly sought after if he was a GM candidate this upcoming offseason.

If Adam Gase can receive and improved roster thanks to Douglas and improve on some areas himself I will do nothing more than give both of these guys their fair chance. This will be a big offseason for both guys as the Jets will need to make some big time tweaks to help solidify this roster.

Jamal Adams wins “Defensive Player of the Week”

Jamal Adams has won Defensive Player of the Week after his stellar performance against the Giants, the guy was simply ALL over the field. Jamal ended the day with 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 1 touchdown – those are stats you sometimes see from an edge rusher who constantly has the opportunity to impact a game, but a safety?

I know the trade saga involving Jamal Adams a few weeks ago was unfortunate during what has been an unfortunate season. If Jamal and the front office hashed out their emotions and have moved on from that drama, he needs to stay a Jet. I get it, the Jets have a ton of holes, but you don’t take away the little amount of talent on this roster just because you want more draft picks – Jamal Adams is the type of player you build around.