Another stellar performance for Jamal Adams in DC. 💪🏻

Jamal Adams turned in another stellar performance this past Sunday against the Redskins. In back to back weeks Adams has risen to the occasion, further showcasing why he’s one of if not the best safety in the league.

Jamal and management had their differences a few weeks ago when he was involved in trade rumors. I personally didn’t enjoy how he handled the situation but I’m not going to write him off for it forever, he’s an absolute stud and game changer.

The Jets can officially extend Jamal In December and they would be smart to do so, a player like Jamal is a player you build around. If he and Jets management are truly on good terms and have buried the hatchet I hope and anticipate an extension in the future.

Adam Gase to return in 2020.

Jets head coach, Adam Gase, will be returning to the team in 2020 according to Jets owner Christopher Johnson – who spoke with media members today at practice.

I am not the least bit surprised by this result as I’ve constantly been preaching that the team will bring back their coach. That doesn’t necessarily mean I believe in the decision, but at this point there’s nothing to do about it (was there ever something to do about it…).

As long as Adam Gase and general manager Hoe Douglas have a strong relationship and agree on a direction to build this team, I will remain confident. I’m a big believer in Joe Douglas as he was highly touted when the Jets made the hire and would have been highly sought after if he was a GM candidate this upcoming offseason.

If Adam Gase can receive and improved roster thanks to Douglas and improve on some areas himself I will do nothing more than give both of these guys their fair chance. This will be a big offseason for both guys as the Jets will need to make some big time tweaks to help solidify this roster.

Jamal Adams wins “Defensive Player of the Week”

Jamal Adams has won Defensive Player of the Week after his stellar performance against the Giants, the guy was simply ALL over the field. Jamal ended the day with 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 1 touchdown – those are stats you sometimes see from an edge rusher who constantly has the opportunity to impact a game, but a safety?

I know the trade saga involving Jamal Adams a few weeks ago was unfortunate during what has been an unfortunate season. If Jamal and the front office hashed out their emotions and have moved on from that drama, he needs to stay a Jet. I get it, the Jets have a ton of holes, but you don’t take away the little amount of talent on this roster just because you want more draft picks – Jamal Adams is the type of player you build around.

Jaguars Week 🐆

Well after the Jets decided to get completely man handled by the Patriots on Monday Night Football, they head down to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars. The Jets are at a point in their schedule where it begins to ease up a bit as their next three opponents have a combined five wins. A couple of things I’m looking for/thinking about as we head into this matchup:

  1. This team can not look flat or unprepared this week, the Jets need to play a sound game that ultimately puts them in a position to win. If this team continues to look down right bad and unprepared things are going to get hairy, putting Adam Gase on notice for the remainder of the season.
  2. Chris Herndon might make his season debut this week after missing the first four games because of a suspension and the next two because of a tweaked hamstring. Sam Darnold and Chris Herndon developed a promising relationship in their rookie years, I’m hoping that can continue this year when the tight end finally takes the field.
  3. Looks like the Jets will be without linebacker CJ Mosley as he might have come back from his groin injury a little too premature last week. Mosley didn’t look like the player we saw him be in the first half of the season opener against Buffalo. He didn’t have the explosive first step he usually has and didn’t look very comfortable moving laterally on some plays, most notably the James White touchdown at the start of the game. It wouldn’t shock me if Mosley has either a groin tear at this point of some sort of sports hernia, the Jets need to be smart here and let CJ get back to 100% – if that means he requires surgery and needs to be put on IR then so be it.

All in all the Jets need to obviously put last weeks performance behind them and come out to a fast start. If this game gets out of hand and they lose it would not surprise me if Adam Gases seat becomes full blown on fire – we’ll have to wait and see.

CJ Mosley says he will play Monday verse the Patriots.

CJ Mosley returning to the field this week against the Patriots on “Monday Night Football”, will be a huge lift for this Jets defense. The individual impact Mosley had for the defense against Buffalo week one was incredible. Gase likened Mosleys return to getting a starting quarterback back from injury. Hopefully he can impact this game the way he did before going down with a groin injury.