Jets Thursday Injury Report: “Texans Week”

According to Dennis Waszak Jr. the Jets will be without wide receiver Quincy Enunwa and running back Isaiah Crowell this Saturday when the Jets take on the Houston Texans. I had a feeling Isaiah Crowell was going to be out this weekend after he did not practice and was limited in practice throughout last week then he banged up his toe even worse during the Bills game, I wouldn’t have played him last week based off his workload he received during the week – but what do I know. As for Quincy Enunwa that is a bigger blow for the Jets and Sam Darnold as we are limited when it comes to offensive play-makers from the beginning now with Q out we are limited even more. I’m sure we will see a heavy dose of Robby Anderson, Jermaine Kearse and Chris Herndon with Enunwa being sidelined this week. I fully anticipate Eli McGuire to get the start in Isaiah Crowells place while also seeing a decent amount of Trenton Cannon as well. Jordan Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson are listed as questionable but I fully anticipate them playing on Saturday afternoon. 

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Week 14 Recap: Game Winning Drive Leads Jets To A 27-23 Win Over The Bills.

Woo! Let me tell you I needed that game so badly especially the way we won that game, come on if you’re a Jets fan and not excited about that – I’m not sure what to tell you. Sam Darnold gets the ball back with under 2 minutes to play and he orchestrates a game winning drive, making throw after throw to get us down the field – not to tie it with a field goal but to win it with a touchdown. Let me tell you something give me more Sam Darnold growth and success over these last three games instead of the “we need to lose” talk in order to get us in prime position in this years upcoming draft. I’ll worry about the draft in April, wouldn’t you rather see your young franchise quarterback show you promise leaving you confident going into the offseason and 2019 season? The Jets are going to finish the season with a good pick regardless of what happens down the stretch, but this team needs exactly what happened up in Buffalo to hang their hat on as we head into the offseason.  The defense played well creating some turnovers, but boy once they get their pass rusher and tweak the secondary a little bit they’ll have the potential to be even better.  The offense again was a joke to open up this game, the fact that they even won this game is remarkable but I digress, I mean you only throw the ball six times in the first half? SIX TIMES!? Give me a break, look at what Sam Darnold is capable of doing in the positions he is being put in under Todd Bowles and Jeremy Bates – just imagine what he is capable of doing with an offensive coach who has a clue and the addition of some new offensive talent that will be put around him. This was a good win mainly because of the way it was won, if this game was won with Josh McCown at the helm I would have been disappointed – but having Sam Darnold be an essential part of this win making the throws and plays he made, sign me up for this the rest of the way to finish out this 2018 season. 

Week 14 Observations:

  • Well… Jeremy Bates did all he could to sabotage yet another game as he thought it would be wise to only throw the ball six times in the first half, ughh I just don’t get this guy – but I’m not going to beat the dead horse here. I mean its 3rd & 12 and Bates decides it’s wise to run a dive play, what was he thinking? He was going to catch the defense off guard and break a 12 yard run – give me a break. In the second half though he opened it up a little bit giving Sam the opportunity to make some plays with his arm and athletic ability. I thought Eli McGuire and Trenton Cannon both ran well, these guys deserve more touches as they seem to do a better job at creating plays for themselves in comparison to Isaiah Crowell who did leave the game yesterday with I’m going to assume was the toe issue he’s been dealing with and missed most of practice last week with. If this team can finish this season strong while seeing continued promise from young talent like Sam Darnold, Eli McGuire, Trenton Cannon, Chris Herndon, Quincy Enunwa and Robby Anderson there is going to be a lot to be excited about heading into the offseason and and the 2019 season – just get these guys around an offensive mind who has a clue. Lets see if these guys can continue to make plays and be involved against the Houston Texans this upcoming Saturday. 
  • Does Andre Roberts deserve to be in the Pro Bowl? Yes. Does Jason Myers deserve to be in the Pro Bowl? Yes. Has special teams coach Brant Boyer done a hell of a job with this special teams unit this year? Yes. Every unit on special teams has been playing sound football for much of this season, we have Andre Roberts returning balls to mid field with ease on a weekly basis and kicker Jason Myers drilling any field goal we take from anywhere on the field. The punt coverage unit has been solid, our punt return unit has been solid – I mean Brant Boyer absolutely deserves an interview with the new staff to stay on board with this group. One last note: Andre Roberts and Jason Myers deserve to be Jets in 2019. 
  • How you been Trumaine Johnson!? Has Tru been hearing the rumbling from fans and the media about his play in comparison to what he’s being paid? Maybe. Either way he has three interceptions in the last two games putting together some bounce back performances that are slowly quieting the doubters. The defense played a sound game yesterday once they decided to figure out how to limit Josh Allen from running all over the damn field on them. Making Josh Allen sit back there in the pocket and have to make plays with his arm was exactly how the Jets were going to beat this Bills team and sure enough they got the interception they needed to close out this game. I like this defense and they are fun to watch, they just need to tweak some things personnel wise this offseason (edge rusher) that will help them close the gap from being a good defense to a great defense. 

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Jets Thursday Injury Report: “Bills Week”

According to Matt Stypulkoski of NJ Advance Media there was only one notable name who did not participate in practice today. RB Isaiah Crowell who is dealing with a toe injury was held from practice for the second straight day. Coach Todd Bowles in his post practice press conference expressed that there is some level of “concern” regarding Crowells’ toe. At this point in the season I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Crowell be sidelined for this game opening the door for fellow running backs Eli McGuire and Trenton Cannon to receive the bulk of playing time gaining more experience. When we get to the final stretch of lost season I always lean more towards playing the youth to see what they are capable of,  going into the 2019 season. One other notable name who did not practice on Wednesday but was limited today was C/G Spencer Long who was dealing with an illness that held him out of last weeks game against the Titans. I would like to see Long play this week at left guard to first see how he fair playing the position and if he would be an option in 2019 and secondly I feel more confident with another veteran offensive lineman starting to protect Sam Darnold now that he is back in the lineup. 

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Week 13 Recap: Jets Blow 4th Quarter Lead In Classic Fashion Losing 26-22 To The Titans.

Ahhhh man what a season this has been for the New York freaking Jets huh? When you think that this team cant reach a new low, they prove you wrong and show you how much worse they can actually be. The Jets this weekend came out playing somewhat respectable football against a Titans team who is clinging on to playoff hope on the road in Nashville. The defense came out playing fast and physical football leading to several three and outs, not allowing the Titans to really generate much on offense. But as this game went on, the more all Jets fans (well at least myself) knew the inevitable fate that was in store for the Jets that night. This season has been exhausting to say the least between some key players getting banged up early in the year and the consistent ways we continue to lose, has brought me to the point in the year where quite honestly I can’t wait for this all to be over. We all know whats going to happen when this season is done, Todd Bowles will lose his job leading to drastic changes along the staff as well as the roster – because changes NEED to be made. 

Week 13 Observations:

  • Jeremy Bates is one of if not the worst offensive coordinators I have ever had to watch call a football game. At the start of this game verse the Titans I was believe it or not enjoying how they were playing and actually rooting for them to continue playing well and show a little fight and if we wound up winning then so be it. But as the offense became more and more stagnant thanks to the masterful play calls by Bates I was all in on the Jets losing, that’s how much this team pissed me off throughout this game. One play stood out to me in the 3rd quarter when the Jets were pinned at around their own 10 yard line, the set was trips left with Isaiah Crowell in the backfield and the tight end far side. All THREE receivers ran come backs at different levels under the sticks and Crowell snuck through the line up the middle sitting in the zone, again short of the sticks. Josh McCown tried to force it into Quincy Enunwa who sat in the zone a good 2 yards from Crowell thus leading to a pass break up by the linebacker who didn’t have to cover much space at all because he pretty much had two receivers in his responsibility. I mean the lack of creativeness out of this offense is so terrible it is such a huge factor in why this team is 3-9 and cannot put games away or sustain a drive to stay in the game when they need to. I’ll be honest I was looking forward to Jeremy Bates being our offensive coordinator after he was the QB coach last year, I expected so much more from him and out of this offense. Thankfully we only have to watch this guy and his nonsense for just 4 more games before he is given his pink slip along with the rest of the staff on “Black Monday”. 
  • This game against the Titans has been the story of the defense for this entire 2018 season, a lot of it obviously falls on them but the lack of success the offense continues to have does not help either. The defense came out fast and physical to start this game, forcing some sacks and a pick 6 by Trumaine Johnson (welcome to the party Tru!), but as this game continued and momentum began to shift in the Titans favor the defense committed horrible penalty after horrible penalty finalizing in a game winning touchdown for Carey Davis and the Titans. This defense isn’t great but they certainly aren’t bad the undisciplined penalties in crucial moments needs to be figured out before the 2019 season, how? I have no idea – but the new staff that comes in needs to figure it the hell out. But once this defense adds an edge rusher this offseason who can consistently sack or disrupt the quarterback, add some cornerback depth and hopefully welcome back a healthy Marcus Maye – they will win us some games moving forward as long as the offense can keep them in it over the course of 4 quarters (a big IF). 

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Jets Thursday Injury Report: “Titans Week”

According to the New York Jets beat writer for ESPN, Rich Cimini, the Jets had a number of players limited or did not practice today. Safety Marcus Maye was the only player who did not practice again today as he is dealing with a shoulder and his broken thumb, to me at this point Maye should be put on season ending IR. This will give him a chance to get a head start on rehabbing and getting to 100% for the 2019 season, it’ll be a big year for him as he looks to bounce back after a disappointing and injury plagued 2018 campaign. The limited list included the likes of WR Robby Anderson who is still dealing with the sore ankle issue he suffered against the Vikings, RB Trenton Cannon was was also limited during today’s practice as he deals with a banged up hamstring he suffered last week against the Patriots. The headliners on this list were both quarterbacks Sam Darnold and Josh McCown, they were limited in Wednesdays practice as well. This bares watching as it could go either way for both of these guys, it’ll be interesting to see which direction the team ends up going. The only way I want to see Sam Darnold touch the field is if he is 100% healthy and the Jets training staff is confident he can go out there and withstand some hits. Even at this point in a lost season I do believe it is essential for Sam to get the experience, just as long as he is healthy enough to do so.

This Jets season is coming to a slow and gloomy end similar to what we dealt with in 2017, over the next few weeks we will most likely start seeing guys being placed on IR ending their seasons. When we are eliminated from playoff contention either this week or next it’ll really kick start the Jets to go into full “shut down” mode as they set their sights on the 2019 season. It wont make sense continuing to send out guys who are banged up in games that wont mean anything, at this point its more beneficial to shut them down for the remainder of the year and get them on track to come back healthy and ready to go in 2019. Having another let down year is never fun especially when its the 8th in a row, but at this point in the year it always feels a little worse as we begin to see guys out there we don’t care to watch – this is the life we have endured as of late as Jets fans.

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James Carpenter Placed on Season Ending IR

According to NY Daily News Manish Mehta the Jets are placing LG James Carpenter on season ending IR with a shoulder injury, that will require surgery. This could be the last we see of Carpenter as a Jet with him expected to be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. I like the James Carpenter deal when we brought him over from the Seahawks, he was reliable as he missed his first game in three plus seasons with the Jets last weekend. The Jets will fill this void by continuing to play Spencer Long in that spot, Long was originally brought in to be our center but started to struggle after he hurt a finger on his snapping hand. Believe it or not I thought Spencer Long played fairly well against the Patriots from the left guard position, I am interested in seeing how he fairs in this spot for the remainder of the year. If he plays well this could be one less position the Jets need to worry about along the offensive line heading into the offseason.


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Jets Saturday Edition Injury Report: “Patriots Week”

The Jets are dealing with a few starters banged up still even after the bye week. This Thanksgiving weekend(I hope all my followers and Jets fans had a great Thanksgiving!) it looks as if the Jets will be without their quarterback Sam Darnold for the second consecutive week. According to Dennis Waszak Jr. Darnold isn’t the only starter expected to miss this game – safety Marcus Maye and left guard James Carpenter are doubtful.

On top of the team not performing well, they have been dealing with a decent amount of injuries since the beginning of the season. It seems like when we get one guy back another guy goes down to offset the return of the original player. As long as the Jets don’t have to deal a season ending injury to any of their key players effecting them for 2019, I’m fine riding this year out however it needs to be.

Josh McCown will step in again this week in place of Sam Darnold, hoping he can put together a better performance then his last outing against Buffalo. At safety Rontez Miles and Terrance Brooks will get the reps to fill in for Maye. At this point with Marcus Maye I’m not playing him until he’s 100%, if that means he’s done for the year then so be it but he’ll be under the spotlight big time heading into 2019. Finally don’t be surprised if Spencer Long slides to LG replacing Carp while Jonotthan Harrison fills in at center. Hopefully these guys can step in and give us a respectable performance.

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Week 10 Recap: The Bills Embarrass The Jets With a 41-10 Win at MetLife Stadium

What a waste of a Sunday we had watching our Jets get ABSOLUTELY man handled by a team that averaged around 10 points a game so far this year with a quarterback (Matt Barkley) who has been on the team for 11 days, yeah that’s right – 11 DAYS! The Jets took the field Sunday and looked flat, unprepared and for the first time like a team that just gave up, flat and unprepared though – shocker. This loss right here has sealed Todd Bowles fate who wont be fired until seasons end, at this point who cares – we all know he’s out of here this way or another. The Jets defense played with zero passion almost as if after last weeks game against the Miami Dolphins was the straw that broke their backs and the offense – well they continued to be atrocious, going 1-12 on third downs – pretty amazing.

Since 2015 this team under Todd Bowles has been an absolute nightmare, this era of Jets football will be right there with the Rich Kotite days we had to suffer through during the early 90’s. I said this earlier in the year and I will say it again, Todd Bowles gave us a sneak preview into what his tenure was going to be like when his team was unprepared and outplayed against Buffalo week 16 of the 2015 season. All he needed to do was get his team ready to win one game, one game! Which would have allowed them the chance to get into the playoffs and at the point anything is possible, but no the Jets were smacked in the mouth by their former coach and knocked out of the playoff race. We didn’t know then, but that was a warning sign for all of us.

Week 10 Observations

  • Oh the offense is an absolute joke and it starts with Jeremy Bates, who this past week expressed how he wanted to be more “aggressive” and explosive with the offense. Give me a break? aggressive? I literally sit and watch these games and call out the play type every drive this team has, I mean If I can predict what’s about to happen I can’t even imagine the field day these defensive coordinators are having when they prepare for the Jets. Josh McCown looked every bit like a quarterback who hasn’t started a single game since the end of last year, essentially sitting out the entire training camp leading up to this season. The offensive line isn’t good at all, they either get embarrassingly beat off the ball or commit a penalty as a result of getting beat off the ball. Pencil this position group at the top of the list with edge rusher and skill position players as a group that needs to be completely renovated. When Sam Darnold comes back after the bye, all I am looking for from him is to stay healthy most importantly and be smarter with his reads resulting in less turnovers. As long as he does that for the remainder of this season while keeping himself safe, I’ll be totally fine with that.
  • The defense didn’t show up either and I mean after their all or nothing performance last week that resulted in a gut wrenching loss against the Dolphins, I don’t blame them. I do blame them for their post game comments in support of coach Bowles after they gave that kind of a performance. How in the hell can you talk as if you “love” and will “ride or die” with Todd Bowles and then give that same coach the performance you just did. Give me a break with this unit, they are just an under performing group that carries themselves as if they are one of the top defenses in the league – and they aren’t even close. The Buffalo Bills controlled the ball for 45 minutes for the entire game, 45 minutes! Between the offense delivering another performance that took them out of the game after the first three drives and the defense showing no passion or fight, this game was over right away.

All of this that I just wrote leaves me extremely frustrated as someone who dedicates a good amount of their life to this team. Whether it be writing about them like this on my site, tweeting throughout a majority of my days with fellow fans or watching them all day at my home or going to the stadium – this is all incredibly deflating. There will be some changes coming to this team as this season comes to an end, coaches will be fired and players will be let go. For the first time in a long time I hope this teams management makes the right decisions bringing in football people who can take this team where we so desperately want to be.


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Jets Thursday Injury Report: “Bills Week”

According to Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News there were multiple starters not participating in practice today. Quarterback Sam Darnold headlines the list as he continues to heal up after suffering a foot strain against Miami last week. Coach Todd Bowles did indeed rule out the QB during his post practice press conference with the media, giving Josh McCown the start this weekend. One positive is Bowles did state Sam Darnold will be the starter as soon as he is healthy again, hopefully coming into week 12 against the New England Patriots after the bye week – I’m really looking forward to see Darnold in that match-up. The other starters who missed practice were wide receivers Quincy Enunwa and Robby Anderson, (C) Spencer Long and (DL) Steve McLendon, I do expect these guys to play this week regardless. One person we could see back after missing the last five games is cornerback Trumaine Johnson who spoke with Brian Costello of the NY Post and said he “expects” to be back this week – that’ll be good to see him back out there in the secondary.

This was definitely an interesting week with the Sam Darnold foot injury creating a ton of buzz among Jets fans, as to whether this is a benching cover up or if he is actually hurt. Needless to say Todd Bowles made me feel a little bit better by stating Sam Darnold is “our quarterback” and will be the starter again once he is back healthy – thank god! Benching Sam for McCown at this point in the season would be the most ridiculous decision ever, but hey this is Todd Bowles we’re talking about – he’s handled this situation a little oddly from the beginning. Give Darnold the two weeks to rest up and get him back in there for our show down against the Patriots coming out of the bye week.


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