The Jets New Unis Are Here.

“These uniforms are Nike’s most technologically advanced uniforms to date.”

The Jets new uniforms are FINALLY here, we’ve been hearing about them for months – I couldn’t be happier the wait is over. My rankings below:

  1. The helmet
  2. Black on black
  3. Any white combo
  4. Green on green

The green on white look would probably be my least favorite of any of these jersey combinations, but I honestly don’t dislike any of these jerseys. Now that the jerseys are out of the way, it’s on to “Draft Weekend”!

Jets Land RB Le’Veon Bell 🔥🔔

Late last night the Jets agreed to a deal with stud RB Le’Veon Bell, a 4 year deal. This move was one I’ve been pounding the table for since the Bell and Steelers saga began. I was so for this move I backed the Jets making a move for him at the trade deadline last year.

Bringing Bell in will help QB Sam Darnold progress, plugging in a dual threat player with Bells ability is just what a team needs when trying to win with a young/cheap QB – just look at LA.

The Jets will continue to make moves, trying to update both their offense around Sam Darnold and adding pieces to try and bring their defense back to the respectability they once were.